URL Parameters pass information directly into Ringba for reporting and integration with other software platforms.

For example, information you may want to pass into Ringba could be an “affiliate ID” or “keyword”.

Passing specific information into Ringba about your users gives you the ability to sort and group by this data in the reporting interface. The more detailed the information passed into our system, the more detailed and flexible our reporting system becomes.

Once linked to the campaign, Ringba will capture this data using the Ringba JavaScript Call Tracking Tag.

Create a URL Parameter
To create a Ringba URL Parameter:

Navigate to "URL Parameters" under 'Integrations in the main menu.
Click "Create URL Parameter".
Configure the URL Parameter Options options: URL Parameter, Reporting Menu Name and Report Menu Name.
Click "Create" to create and save the URL Parameter.

URL Parameters can also be created inside Campaigns.

Add a URL Parameter to a Campaign
To add a URL Parameter to a Campaign:

Navigate to "Manage Campaigns" from the main menu and find the Campaign.
Click "Add URL Parameter" under 'URL Parameters'.
Select the URL Parameter and click "Add".