Most Ringba customers integrate TUNE (HasOffers) using 2 pixel events:

On incoming call which fires a 'click' event in TUNE.
On converted call which fires a 'conversion' event in TUNE.

Ringba can be configured to fire static pixels for each unique campaign, or by using dynamic tokens for each campaign which helps prevent human error.

Static Setup

This setup requires you to put the unique 'offer_id' and 'aff_id' values into the URL for every unique campaign that you wish to integrate with Ringba. Please note that TUNE's URLs for 'click' and 'conversion' events are different.

Click Event: https://[YOUR_PIXEL_DOMAIN].com/aff_c?offer_id=[YOUR_OFFER_ID]&aff_id=[YOUR_AFF_ID]
Conversion Event: https://[YOUR_PIXEL_DOMAIN].com/aff_lsr?offer_id=[YOUR_OFFER_ID]&aff_id=[YOUR_AFF_ID]

Real World Example:
Click Event:
Conversion Event:

What this looks like in Ringba:

Dynamic Setup

Using the Ringba campaign 'Tracking ID' field, located at the very top of campaign configuration settings, and the 'Sub ID' field on your publisher's settings, you can setup your TUNE pixels to be entirely dynamic. This reduces the opportunity for human error and makes pixel management much easier on your operations team.

To make your Dynamic Setup work correctly, you must update the Campaign 'Tracking ID' and Publisher 'Sub ID' inside their configuration to match your TUNE settings.

Find and update the Ringba campaign 'Tracking ID':
Find and update the Ringba publisher 'Sub ID':

Real World Example:
Click Event:[tag:Campaign:TrackingId]&aff_id=[tag:Publisher:SubId]
Conversion Event:[tag:Campaign:TrackingId]&aff_id=[tag:Publisher:SubId]

What this looks like in Ringba:

Optional conversion flags:

This optional URL parameter will pass Ringba's unique Call Identifier to Tune in case you need to audit conversions. It is a best practice to always pass this with your conversion events.

This optional URL parameter will pass the dollar amount set in Ringba for the conversion. If you have configured Tune to accept third-party revenue events, this number will override whatever you have configured in your TUNE campaign. If you have not configured TUNE to accept third-party revenue events, this will not override your TUNE settings.

A two step dynamic example that includes optional flags would look like the following:

Click Event:[tag:Campaign:TrackingId]&aff_id=[tag:Publisher:SubId]
Conversion Event:[tag:Campaign:TrackingId]&aff_id=[tag:Publisher:SubId]&revenue=[Call:ConversionAmount]&adv_sub=[Call:InboundCallId]

What this looks like in Ringba: