Tracking Pixels are used to send information from Ringba to another platform or service that will trigger and send data according to your configuration. For example, you may want to send Call Data from Ringba to a CRM or Ad Network like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

When a Tracking Pixel Event is triggered, Ringba will “fire” the pixel and pass whatever information you need into the third party by activating your pixel URL and dynamically inserting whatever data you choose.

Ringba supports both HTTP and HTTPS postback pixels.

Create a Tracking Pixel
To create a Ringba Tracking Pixel:

Navigate to "Tracking Pixels" under Integrations in the main menu.
Click "Create Pixel".
Configure the Tracking Pixel options: Fire Pixel On, URL, and (optional) Tokens.
You can choose to make POST requests if needed as well as use Tag Filters to fire the pixel when specific criteria is met.
Click "Create" to create and save the Tracking Pixel.

Tracking Pixels can also be created directly inside Campaigns.

Add a Tracking Pixel to a Campaign
To add a Tracking Pixel to a Campaign:

Navigate to "Manage Campaigns" under 'Campaigns' and find the Campaign.
Click "Add Pixel" under 'Tracking Pixels'.
Select the Tracking Pixel and click "Add".

Options for Pixel Fired On

Incoming - The pixel will be fired as soon as the call appears in the the Ringba platform.
Connected (answered) - The pixel will be fired when the call is answered by a target.
Completed - The pixel will be fired as soon as the call is finished after connecting to a target.
Converted - The pixel will be fired only if the call is converted.
Error - The pixel will be fired if the call was marked as an error.
Payout - The pixel will be fired if the call was marked to have a payout to a publisher
Finalized - The pixel will be fired when the call ends. It doesn’t matter how ( picked up, no answer, etc)
Recording - The pixel will be fired when the recording is available to listen to. The recording usually takes a few seconds to appear after the call completes so the pixel will only fire when it appears in the call reporting.

Suggestions for Improving Pixel Readability

Adding a description for your tokens, for example “RingbaCallId=” before adding the Call Id token, this way when the pixel is fired we know what each information means. Another suggestion is to separate multiple tokens using a “&”, this way your pixel is more readable. See the following image:

Pixels FAQs and Troubleshooting

The tracking pixel is not firing.
If you made the call and the pixel is not showing on your end you should always first check if the “Pixel Fire” event shows on your Call Log under the events tag (please keep in mind the pixel fire is queued to be processed and might be registered on the logs after a while the call has completed), if it’s not there the most probable cause would be that the pixel is not added to the campaign.

The tracking pixel fired but it shows Fail Reason: Bad Request.
If this happens, you should check the documentation of the platform you are sending the information to the request made it’s not being accepted by the server as it probably doesn't follow the specifications.

What should I do if I need help with Pixels?
If you have any questions or need additional help, please reach out to our support team via chat or email at