Ringba allows you to track calls as conversions in Google Ads.

Google Ads is paid advertising platform used by media buyers and marketers to drive traffic and generate calls. Once the integration is active, Ringba will automatically track and report your calls in Google Ads as conversions.

Integrate Ringba with Google Ads
To integrate your Ringba account with Google Ads, you will need to complete specific steps in both Ringba and your Google Ads account.

Navigate to "Platforms" under 'Integrations' from the main menu and click "Add Platform Integration".

Select "Google Ads" from the list of integrations and click "Authorize". You will be redirected to Google's authentication page and asked to authorize Ringba to pass data to your Google Ads account.

Name the integration and select the Google Ad account you want to use.

Click "Update" and your Google Ads integration will be saved and ready to pass data from your Ringba campaigns to Google Ads.

Associate Numbers / Tags with a Conversion Set
The next step is to associate numbers / tags from your campaigns to a conversion set in Google Ads. Before continuing, please ensure that Auto-Tagging is enabled in your Google Ads account. This is what makes it possible to track your conversions with Ringba.

Open the Campaign you want to use for uploading conversions to Google Ads.

Go the "Platform Integration" section and click "Add Integration".

For "Integrate using", select the Number or JS Tag that you want to track conversions for.

Number is used to track conversions for call-only ads.
JS Tag is used to track conversions for ads that lead to a landing page with a Number Pool and the Ringba JS tag. You must have Auto-Tagging enabled in your Google Ads accounts to tracking conversions using JS Tags.

Select the Google Ads Platform Integration you want to use.

Enter the Conversion Set where you want to upload the conversion, you can pick an existing conversion set or create a new one. When you want to create a new conversion set, we prefix the name with RB- to indicate the conversion set was created by Ringba.

Choose the Event when you want to upload the conversion, it can be either "Conversion" or "Payout".

You can also choose to override the upload delay in minutes. For conversions coming from a call-only ad, Google accepts and can process the conversion only after 4-5 hours. The conversions coming from a click ad is processed by Google after 24 hours after the user has clicked the ad.

Click "Add" and the URL Parameters gclid and kw will be created automatically in the Ringba campaign.

Pausing Google Ads Integration
If you want us to stop uploading conversions to a particular Google Ads account, you can pause that account's integration which you had added while authorizing access to that account. You can unpause the same whenever you want to resume the uploads to the respective authorized Google Ads account.

Navigate to "Platforms" under 'Integrations' from the main menu.
Find the Google Ads Integration you want to pause.
Under the "Actions" column, click "Pause Integration" to stop uploading conversions to the Google Ads account.

Viewing Ringba Conversions in Google Ads
Go to your Google Ads account and click "Tools & Settings" in the top header.
Navigate to 'Measurement' and click on "Conversions".
Ringba automatically creates a conversion action name with RB to the Google Ads Campaign. For example, if the campaign name was Insurance calls, the conversion name would be RB-Insurance calls

Keyword Tracking in Ringba
Ringba tracks keyword data using the URL Parameter kw. Using this parameter in your Google Ads tracking templates gives you the ability to view keyword data in your Ringba Reporting.

To track keyword data from Google Ads and see it in your Ringba account, you need to update the tracking template in your Google Ads account with the following URL parameter: kw={keyword}

Go to "All Campaigns" in your Google Ads account.

Click on "Settings" on the left sidebar menu.

Go to the "Account Settings" tab.

Navigate to and expand the "Tracking" option.

Add {lpurl}, this is your final landing page URL.

If your tracking template doesn't contain a ?, add the following URL Parameter: ?kw={keyword}

If your tracking template does contain a ?, add the following URL Parameter: &kw={keyword}

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Can I edit the conversion set that Ringba creates when I activate my integration?
Changing the name of the conversion set will prevent Ringba from sending your conversion data to Google Ads.

I've set up this integration already, but need to change the Google Ads account connected to Ringba.
If you have already created an integration but need to update it. Create a new "Platform Integration" with the updated Google Ads account and add it to the required Ringba Campaign. After the new account has been setup, it will be safe to remove / delete the out of date integration.